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Scott Fader & Gary Brincat — Top Producers — Oakland 
(this was an article in the Real Producers of Oakland County, Michigan magazine)                                       


Committed to Clients, Agents and the Community


By Jane K. Asher, Ph.D.


For Scott Fader and Gary Brincat, real estate is more than a business opportunity that feeds their families: It’s a venture of love fueled by their passion for the industry and commitment to their clients, agents and the community. Through Mitten Realty Group, LLC, Co-Owners Scott and Gary have leveraged their combined 40 years of real estate experience in buying, renting, flipping and selling homes —  as well as their extensive training in contract negotiations — to build a thriving veteran-owned business and one of Michigan’s 2019 top-25 firms founded on the simple principle that there is always time to help someone else succeed.


“We don’t keep score, and we help each other whenever possible,” Gary said. “We answer our agents’ calls 24/7 and make sure that our agents have access to us, no matter what day or time — this allows them to have success with their buyers or sellers”


“We don’t just claim to provide training; we actually provide great individual and group training,” Scott said. “We also minimize monthly fees and costs.”


Another way that Scott and Gary distinguish their business and actualize their commitment to others is through their ongoing efforts to help veterans, law enforcement, firefighters and other first responders. As honorary members of the Detroit Police Lieutenants and Sergeants Association (DPLSA), Scott and Gary have sponsored the DPLSA Honors Ball — an event that recognizes fallen officers —  as well as golf outings to fundraise for Detroit police. Mitten Realty Group also partners with a local non-profit that fundraises for local and national charities through real estate, in addition to reducing commissions or returning 33% of their commissions back to first responders and military members following the purchase or sale of a home.


“Beyond being a veteran-owned business, what motivates us is that so many people put their lives on the line, sacrificing time, family and themselves for others. We like to make sure these people know they are appreciated,” said Scott.


Before becoming a REALTOR®, Scott worked with his father’s CPA firm, which handled accounting for investors and real estate agents. He then was presented with an investment opportunity and earned his real estate license in 2003. In 2008, when Scott was 35 years old, he took a hiatus from real estate to join the army where he was deployed to Afghanistan. He then went on to earn his broker’s license in 2018. 


Gary has spent 20 years buying, flipping and investing in real estate, and he also served as vice president of sales for a multinational marketing company and a multinational software company. Then about three years ago, Gary decided to leave the corporate world and become a REALTOR®, and that’s when he teamed up with Scott to build Mitten Realty Group.


Scott and Gary, both of whom were multi-million dollar producers in 2019 and are on track to increase production in 2020, are well versed in all aspects of the business, but Scott gravitates toward marketing and working with buyers while Gary enjoys working with sellers. Right now, they are focused on growing their team with individuals who share their passion for real estate and dedication to helping others, which they say can be challenging at times because they are looking to work with people who look beyond the profit. They shared that one of their goals is to create a “long-term culture and environment where people look forward to coming to work each day.” They are also grateful for all of their agents. “We are like a family,” Scott said. “Without our agents, we would not be growing as we are.”


When Scott isn’t with his work family, he enjoys spending time with Sara — his wife of 20 years — and their son Diego who they adopted from Guatemala in 2006. The Faders travel to Disney World several times a year, and Scott says they are “Disney addicts.” Scott, who regularly takes online classes for both business and personal growth, also says that he is “addicted to education” and loves reading and watching biographies.


Gary and his wife Romiana — who was born in Bulgaria — met in France and like to travel. They have two children and four grandchildren. Their daughter Nelly is a commercial property manager, and their son William, who is FAA licensed to fly drones,  is an agent and photographer at Mitten Realty Group. Gary is a 7th degree black belt and owns two martial arts schools. He also developed a two-credit hour continuing education real estate safety class, trains police in self-defense, and enjoys business, mystery and puzzle-solving books.


Scott and Gary agree that success is measured on an individual, team and company basis, and they both strive to succeed in all three areas. They also believe that success will come to those who work at it. “Putting in the time, working through the ups and the downs and being able to see mistakes as opportunities will lead you to the paths you want and the goals you seek,” Gary said. “We all run into issues with deals, clients, mortgage companies and title companies —there are a lot of moving parts — but we know each time we encounter an issue, we learn from it and are more likely to be prepared for the next transaction.”


For Gary, the most rewarding aspect of his business is helping someone achieve something they didn’t think was possible; for Scott, it’s helping veterans and first responders. Collectively, they care a great deal about their clients, agents and community. “Without our clients, agents and community, Mitten Realty Group would not be here,” they said. 

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