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What Is The MLS?

The Multiple Listing Service

The MLS or Multiple Listing System is a database tool used by Real Estate professionals to list or locate real estate properties.

There is only one method to get MLS access: Use a licensed Realtor or Broker. However, there are multiple options for how you use the Realtor.

For Sale By Owner On The MLS

If you are looking to sell your home For Sale by Owner, you do not want or need the services of the Realtor, just their access to the MLS.

Few Realtors/Brokerages offer a flat fee MLS only listing options that can start at $99 and go up from there depending on the options and  you choose.

When you speak to the Realtor/broker, you will want to get specifics on what you are getting for your fee and if there are any hidden charges when the property closes or during the listing process.

You must also be aware; you cannot pay the Realtor directly. The fee for the access to the MLS must go through the Broker. The payment needs to be made to or through the broker. We do not recommend cash.

When the Realtor lists your home on the MLS, you will also want to make sure your contact information is being used.


This is because the Realtor or Broker is still listing the property, and that is the only way to get on the MLS.

Why Use The MLS?

The MLS is a good way to market your property to the masses, not only the MLS, but to many 3rd party websites that pull information from the MLS.

Part of the MLS is SHOWING TIME. This program is the scheduling system for Realtors to set up to show your property. The contact for this should also be your information.

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