What Is A Flat Fee Listing?

Flat Fee Listings 

A Flat Fee Listing means a seller has paid their Brokerage an up-front fee for Real Estate Services. Brokers offer full services at higher costs, or limited service at lower costs.

Always make sure to clarify costs and services with broker to see what you’re paying for.

The flat fee listing option can help save you money with a reduced rate of commission to get your home sold, but you will want to look at the terms.

There are companies that charge a flat fee and the payment is due at the closing, but there are companies that collect the flat fee when you sign up for the services. You will want to read through the flat fee contract thoroughly before signing.

Full Services

What Is Typically Provided By Full-Service Realtors?

A full-service Realtor does a lot of work. There are more steps and processes that are handled, but that should give you the basics of what is considered full-service.

  • Property Review And Pricing
  • Photography/Video
  • Sign And Lockbox
  • Marketing
  • Handling And Following Up From Showings
  • Open Houses
  • Review Of Offers And Negotiating/Re-Negotiating
  • Review Appraisals And Inspection Reports
  • Monitoring The Deal To Keep It Moving Toward Close
  • Review Of Title Work
  • Review Of Closing Docs
  • Setting Up And Attending Closings
  • Making Sure You Get Your Proceeds
  • Following Up After Close To Make Sure Move Went As Planned

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